About Rubik's

Rubik’s is an innovative coffee place/restaurant based in Patras since 2018 (looking forward to expand our vision to other cities!!!). The idea of Rubik’s was born when we discovered that it was hard to find real healthy food, since something that looks healthy or is called healthy is not always healthy! We wanted to create a place that our costumers will feel safe about their food and they will enjoy it without feeling guilty or mis leaded!


We provide great coffee, smoothie bowls, porridges, buddha bowls, pancakes, desserts, cakes, cookies, daily dishes and many more! Our food is made by high quality and organic ingredients! We create sugar free, preservative free, low in fat and salt recipes that they have nothing to be jealous of the ‘’classic’’ recipes (or at least we try hard for that! ). Our team is passionate and creative, constant learning and innovation is more than two words for us, so in our place you will find new products and surprises with seasonal ingredients everyday! At the end of the day we want to make our life healthier and tastier... And this process is endless!


Where you can Find us?

Somewhere over the rainbow and in the followings...
Patreos 92, Patras, GR Theochari 5-7 Thess., GR
Contact us
E-mail: contact@rubiks.gr Phone: +30 261 600 7671